The company Jelinek s.r.o. belongs with the Tiskárna MH s.r.o. in companies´ portfolio of Jelínek family. At present, the company Jelinek Ltd deals strictly with industrial and large-volume (serial) contracts in the field of printing and flocking. Our know-how goes back to 1991 when the company was founded.

Recent history

At the turn of 2013 and 2014, we equipped the company Jelinek Ltd with five-axis spraying machine and we made the products´ flocking more efficient and we reduced the price. Thanks to this technology, we got a contract of flocking of 1.4 millions pieces of plastic moldings for luxury boxes of whiskey Johnnie Walker Blue Label.

In 2014 it came to a redesign of the logo of company Jelinek s.r.o. and focus´ adjustment of the company Jelinek s.r.o. to the industrial printing and flocking. We try to accommodate customers´ needs who require a narrow specialization in large quantities at reasonable prices.

In this year we have also equipped the automatic flocking lines of 3D objects and paper.


Our company was founded in 1991 as a small personal company. In this year we began shyly flirt with the ink ball printing technology on a monochrome machine MORLOCK.

In 1992 the company already started to increase its volume of work especially in printing of promotional items and it was equipped with the first four-color machine.

During the year 1993 our company entered on the market of screen prints in a flat and textile printing. At this time, the company had an average of 10 employees (it was no exception to print umbrellas with an average more than 5m).

In 1994, the company was equipped with the first screen printing semi-automats and began to print packaging for cosmetics.

In 1995 the company expanded fleet of machines with machines for hot stamping, namely for flat and roll surface. At the beginning of the year 1995 it came to the transformation into Ltd form (s.r.o.) and number of employees has increased to 40 during one year.

With the increasing amount of orders in the field of printing the number of employees has increased to 60 or 70.

At this time the company has been equipped with the latest technology in the field of multi-colored ink ball printing, manual and semi-automatic machines for flat and rotary screen printing, with the technology for hot stamping and with the technology for the production of stamps. The company is able to produce the advertising cut from adhesive foils, to print textiles directly or with transfer or sprayed flock. The company is able to modify the interiors of buildings and door or furniture surfaces with the flocking.

Since 1997, the company deals with engraving technology of flat and formed objects. As one of the few companies it is equipped with the machine for engraving and cutting on cylindrical surfaces around the whole periphery.

Approximately from the same time, the company also deals with the sanding into glass. Thanks to the new Japanese technology it is able to offer very fine sand-blasted motives into glass, stone and metal.

Thanks to the increased productivity and serials the company reduced the number of employees to 45 till the year 1999 while turnover was increased.

With regard to the large volumes of delivered goods, our company is able to supply very cheap promotional items in the range of several thousand types. We send our catalogs to the regular customers on a regular basis, to the others on request.

In 2001 we bought a new object into which we placed the mass production of technology for flocking in industrial copiers of the company XEROX in 2002

In 2005 we started in this building the project of powder coating, which is mainly engaged in coating of metal bed structure for customers from Holland.

In 2008, it came to the organizational division of the company – the powder coating plant continued to operate under the company Jelinek s.r.o., other activities were transferred to the newly established company Tiskárna MH s.r.o. Both companies share production capacities and have the same owner and the company remains purely family business. Logo Tiskárna MH s.r.o.

In 2011 the Tiskárna MH company bought a new 3D CNC router, including the specialized software that allows to mill big motives. The maximum size of the machined part can be up 2x3m! Thanks to the software we are able to produce fully 3D engraved motives in these dimensions.

In 2013 we bought a new inkjet printer plotter. In the Tiskárna MH now we can offer printing of canvases, banners and stickers with special shapes.

Industrial printing and flocking
ISO 9001 Certificates
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Industrial printing and flocking

Welcome to web pages of company Jelínek Ltd.

We specialize mainly in printing for the production, in flocking of 3D products and packaging. Our specialism is the flocking on paper in large series.

On these pages there we present our possibilities and products. If you need help with the selecting of the printing technology, don´t hesitate to contact us. It will be pleasure for us to help you.

ISO 9001 Certificates

Most important part of our work is quality. Therefore we work according to ISO 9001 standards acredited by one of most reliable companies  TÜV SÜD Czech s.r.o.

About us

Thank you for your interest in the history of our company.

This page summarizes the evolution of our company from the beginnings as natural person in 1991 through the division into two organizational units in 2008 till the present.
If you have more questions to our history, contact us, we will tell you more with pleasure

Contact information

At the bottom of the page there you can find the complete contact information.. 

If you need assistance with selecting of the technology, do not hesitate to call or write us. It will be pleasure for us  to help you..


The surface of the product is covered with the PES fibres. They create the luxury, suede appearance.



Printing of flat or rotary surfaces. Considerably more durable than etiquette.



Printing of the smaller surfaces with more complicated shapes than by screen printing. It allows to print very fine motives.



The foil is hot-pressed into the plastic. It is suitable for silver, gold and other bold colors.



Material´s processing with the high-speed miller that is controlled with the 3D computer.

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Jelinek s.r.o.
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