Spraying automatic machine

To be able to produce many thousands series of quality flocking, we use a five-axis spraying automatic machine for spraying of adhesive on the product. Thanks to it we are able to apply the adhesive in a well-defined layer and in a very short time on whichever 3D product. 

Screenprinting automatic machine
Another possibility of the adhesive´s application is the screen printing. It is mainly used for flocking of accurate shapes on the surface - typically flock logo on textiles, paper or plastic. We have here an automatic machine with the high productivity of printing too.

Our references 

Protection of fuser roller in the industrial copying maschines Xerox. Volume ca. 20.000 pcs/month. High demands on quality.

Johnnie Walker flockingJohnnie Walker Blue Label flocked top  Johnnie Walker Blue Label držák hrdla             Johnnie Walker Blue Label box

Bottleneck´s holder at the luxury packaging of premium collection JohnnieWalker Blue Label. Volume 100.000 pcs

Foam pads into boxes to the luxury headphones  AKG812 Pro.

AKG812 Headphone box foam

What is flocking and how does it work
Flocking is a technology that can create a suede surface on almost any product. The advantage is that we can achieve this fine velvet surface both on large surfaces as well as on complicated forms. The principle consists in applying of adhesive layer on the surface of the product and subsequent "shooting" of component hairs with the aid of very high voltages - typically 70kV. The high voltage causes that the hairs stand one by one vertically to the surface of the product and they create so a velvet surface.

Materials that can be flocked  
It is possible to use the flock on practically whichever material. Commonly we use flock for all kinds of plastics, metals, wood, paper, glass, ceramics, hard and soft foams, carpets and textiles.

Resistance of the flocked surface
Resistance is always selected according to the type of application and it is determined by the adhesive used. By processing of calculation there is always consulted degree of required resistance and according to this we choose adhesive that suits for the application.



Flocking is the high voltage coating of the polyamide fibres on the product´s surface. Its aim is to create a suede surface.

Our company disposes of a spraying automat which ensures by the serial processing that the adhesive will be applied in the same layer and at the same places.


Screen printing is the most common technology used for printing on flat material. It is ideal for series of hundreds pieces above.
It is possible to print from the smallest motives to the prints of several meters. Our experiences in this field are extensive, we have been applying the screen printing since 1993.


The pad printing works on the principle of color´s transferring through the pad. First of all, the print motive is etched into a special matrix. Then the paint is applied to the matrix and it is wiped with the sharp metal plate. Only the color in the etched part left. It is then applied on the silicone pad, which is a piece of flexible rubber, and from the pad on the object that should be printed. This technology is suitable for smaller surfaces, but due to shapeable pad there can be printed as well as surfaces that are not flat.


It is possible to achieve the printing with high (metallic) gloss using the hot stamping . It is used for printing of gold or silver color. It is possible to produce so-called blind printing or printing of the hologram. The disadvantage is the inability of color combinations and their limited range compared to the other printing technologies.


Engraving is a technology, by which the motive that should be transferred to the product is created in a computer and using the special software it controls the machine tool that mills or graves the motive into the surface of the product with the diamond tip.
At present, our equipment enables us to process both 2D as well as 3D graphics and namely on products into the size of 2 x 3 m.



The surface of the product is covered with the PES fibres. They create the luxury, suede appearance.



Printing of flat or rotary surfaces. Considerably more durable than etiquette.



Printing of the smaller surfaces with more complicated shapes than by screen printing. It allows to print very fine motives.



The foil is hot-pressed into the plastic. It is suitable for silver, gold and other bold colors.



Material´s processing with the high-speed miller that is controlled with the 3D computer.

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